Danger of placing others’ needs above yours

🚷 How many times you put YOUR needs as your last priority? 🚷

I often see successful professionals coming to a huge burnout because of a constant deprioretization of their own needs over the long periods of time.

I also see them losing any interest in their careers, relationships and life in general.

Reasons of this burnout could be different, but here are the common similarities:

1. The benchmark has been set unreasonably high
2. Chasing the success expecting that it will fill the emptiness inside
3. The reality appeared to be very different to their expectations

Whenever you are in your journey, take a moment to pause and ask yourself a very simple question:

“Why I’m doing what I am doing?”

And if the answer isn’t – because I love it. Then something is wrong.

10 Positive affirmations to attract abundance to your life

Positive affirmations can have a huge impact on your life if practiced regularly! 🤩

These are 10 strongest affirmations to attract Confidence and Abundance to your life! 💪🏼🔥

Feel free to grab them and use for your daily routine 👇🏼

1️⃣ Whatever I do, I do it confidently as it comes from my values, authenticity & heart

2️⃣ Wherever I go, I attract friendly, wise & prosperous people who are willing to collaborate with me

3️⃣ Whenever I am, I always have enough support, resources & opportunities to be my best

4️⃣ I always succeed when I do things with joy & at my own pace

5️⃣ Regardless how hard it can be, I always can look inward & find the Solution

6️⃣ My life is full of amazing things & it keeps surprising me with new fantastic opportunities

7️⃣ I’m investing my energy only in things that I love & I’m always grateful for what I receive back

8️⃣ I know how worthy & valuable my time is, so I carefully choose with whom I spend it

9️⃣ I’m free from any expectations of myself, of the world & people around me

🔟 My confidence is strong and the power of my spirit is limitless, so I can confidently do what is right for me, follow my purpose and dreams

Do you believe in affirmations? Which impact does it have on your life?

Stop looking for truth, create it!

I see a lot of people sometimes trying to use existing information as an ultimate truth and thus limit themselves!

E.g.: One of my current clients is convinced that he isn’t going to be a successful entrepreneur because he has failed previously two times!

The pattern is that we willingly jump in to conclusion and put a NEGATIVE LABEL on ourselves very easily!

It simply because our brains want us to save energy so it’s easier to categorise something with less mental effort.

But the downside can be disastrous! 😱

Just imagine if Steve Jobs giving up trying to push through his ideas after seeing no evidence of success!

📌 So when you are labelling negatively yourself next time, your brain is simply saving energy rather than stating the truth!

But what is the truth?

I’ll tell you a secret… 🤫

👉🏼You are the one creating your own truth!

✅ Think about a Manager who got promoted simply because he started to embody the managerial mindset prior his promotion!



🚫 So there is no ultimate truth about you!

Moreover there are no limits 🌀

Is there anything about you that you believe is true that limits you?