I was born in Moscow to an average, low income family. My parents divorced when I was seven years old, my brother just one. I grew up early because I felt responsible for my mother and younger brother. I always considered myself an ordinary girl without any evident talents.   At the age of thirteen, we had to move to

If You’re Not Growing, You’re Dying

Do you know that staying for too long in your comfort zone will bring you frustration, boredom and ultimately a loss of meaning to your life and lots of regret?

And I guess you don’t want to have a life full of regret, right?

What makes us stay in a comfort zone?

It’s the need for certainty!

Certainty means safety and predictability…

Top 5 Crippling Mistakes “Confident” Men Do

Did you know that 50% of men who think that they are Confident, have lots of insecurities and Confidence issues without realizing it? It is happening because there is a different understanding of what Confidence is and we can hold false beliefs about it and stay oblivious of how this can be improved. MISTAKE #1 – Failing to Work With

Your Physiology Tells The Truth About Your Confidence

Your emotional state (or physiology) is a particular chemical reaction in your body that gives you certain emotions. Your emotional state can make you feel incredibly powerful or weak, happy or miserable. Why it is important for your confidence levels? It’s because your emotional state impacts on your thoughts, actions and ultimately results. Emotions are not just something that happens

The Most Important Relationship In Your Life

The quality of your relationship with yourself is the foundation of your relationships with others. Studies show that we unable to be emotionally available for others if we are not able to be emotionally connected with ourselves. For example: If we ignore our feelings, strive for perfection, criticise ourselves, reject parts of our personality, and not give ourselves the space

How To Attract Only The Right People To Your Life

Have you ever acted against your own will to maintain relationships with people you considered valuable to you? Did it work? The ability to create and protect our own boundaries is a vital part of building powerful relationships. You might ask why some people succeed in keeping their boundaries, but others fail. It is because people with low self-esteem tend

Do Men Have More Insecurities Than Women?

Parents treat boys and girls differently from the beginning. Girls are allowed to cry, be weak, helpless and capricious… BUT – boys are not! One family member will always remind them: “You are boy, you have to be strong!” At a very young age, boys learn to numb their feelings; not showing them to anyone and pretending to be powerful.