Top 5 Crippling Mistakes “Confident” Men Do

Did you know that 50% of men who think that they are Confident, have lots of insecurities and Confidence issues without realizing it?
It is happening because there is a different understanding of what Confidence is and we can hold false beliefs about it and stay oblivious of how this can be improved.

MISTAKE #1 – Failing to Work With Emotions
Shutting down all the emotions or being too emotional – can be a sign that you lack self-confidence and there are deeper issues that are creeping inside you.
Inability to express emotions especially strong ones as love, anger, resentment is a clear sign that there is an internal conflict that has be explored and resolved.
We can just selectively numb feelings: if we numb anger, we also numb joy and happiness!
Working with your emotions and becoming more self-aware will bring you back the control of your life and boost your confidence to the next level!

MISTAKE #2 – Failing to Keep Work/Life Balance
Do you work your butt off and sacrifice your personal needs to ensure your family has everything they need?
Does your work occupy 80% of your time and there is no space for your own interests (or you don’t know your interests!)?
Being a hard worker is one of the common sign of confidence issues and this can lead to further health and mental illness.
If this is a case, it is time to seek for help and start taking care of your own needs. I am 100% sure there is a way to keep you and your family happy other than self-sacrificing.

MISTAKE #3 – Failing to Enjoy Achievements
It is great to be ambitious, but if you never feel enough and keep jumping to another and another goal, this could lead to a burnout, loss of motivation and unhappiness.
When you are too focused on your goals and put aside your health, family, hobbies or things that bring you pure pleasure, could be a sign that your drivers and motivation come from your FEARS and “I’m not good enough” beliefs, but not from the place of LOVE.
If this is a case, it is worth to explore your drivers and the aspects of self-love and self-acceptance that are fundamental for irresistible Confidence and sustainable results!

MISTAKE #4 – Failing to Challenge Yourself Enough
It is easy to confuse “feeling confidence” with “feeling comfortable/safe”, that’s why lots of men feel “Confident” just because they know their work, family and other aspects of life inside out.
But this “Confidence” is limited by what you achieved, and it is bounded by the routine that you created. If are not learning something new, we aren’t growing and if we aren’t growing – we are dying.
Staying too long in your comfort zone could be damaging for your self-esteem and confidence. By doing so, you will have more and more fears of leaving it and worries about the future.
If this is a case, it is worth to get more clarity what is it you are avoiding doing and which aspirations do you have. Remember, Confidence go side by side with Action!

MISTAKE #5 – Failing to Be Self-Sufficient
If you find yourself not being able to feel comfortable at your own skin or in your company and you feel the need “To have something/somebody to feel something” – this can be a sign that there is a need inside you that hasn’t been properly fulfilled.
It most cases it is a need for Connection or Significance.
For instance: “Subconsciously, I attach my self-worth to things / people that I have (expensive luxury car, job title, beautiful women, etc) to feel significant or loved.”
If this is a case, there are ways to work on this needs and making sure you don’t need anything to feel irresistibly confident!
If you feel resonated with any of them, let’s connect and I help you to get your Confidence to extremely new level!