About Maria Perlman

Maria Perlman is a certified professional Career Advancement & Confidence Coach with 10+ years of experience on a corporate arena with a huge passion for unwrapping one’s potential.

In the past, Maria worked on various Business Development & Training roles in big corporations, but she never felt fully content and struggled to find her true life calling.

Now she serves professionals who are yet to realize their full potential so they can unlock their next career peak and live more fulfilling lives.

Maria helped 30+ middle managers, executives and entrepreneurs to achieve their next career goal by becoming more vocal, assertive and confident at work!

My Story

From breakdown to breakthrough

I was born in Moscow to an average family with a low income. My parents divorced when I was 7 and my brother was just 1 y.o. I had to grow up early because I felt responsible for my mother and younger brother. I always considered myself as an ordinary girl without any evident talents.

At the age of 13, we had to move to very small flat in an unfavourable area. I had to change my home, school and friends. There I learned the hard way how it feels to be bullied, lonely and desperate – and even to be threatened with rape and death. To survive, I had to fit in. I had to grow a very thick skin and to master acting that I was “alright”. At that time, I didn’t realise how much pain, anger and fear I had in me.

In my last year at school, I had no clue what to do with my life and what I wanted to become. When I had to decide which university to choose, my inner voice – after a long sleep – came out and whispered: “What if you deserve a better life?” Even though this voice wasn’t strong enough at that point, some new thoughts started to rise in me.


I picked a very good university, but the fees were unbearable for my family. I had to persuade them that I was going to start working and that I’d manage to cover the majority of the fees. To my surprise, they agreed!

My first year at university was just amazing. I was the first one in my group who started to work that early. It was hard to manage both a full-time job and full-time study at university, but I did it. My FEAR OF BEING SEEN AS AN ORDINARY EVEN STUPID GIRL had been my driving force that time.

By the age of 22, due to more hard work and dedication, my salary exceeded my very high expectations and I earned more than my entire family all together! From the outside, it looked just fabulous. Nonetheless, I had a hunger for more – more recognition, more growth and even more challenges!

During the next few years I was constantly chasing new opportunities, gaining other work experiences, and focusing on the next challenge. Even though I was getting amazing results, I didn’t feel much better about myself. I was only satisfied when I got good results, BUT AFTER EACH FAILURE MY INFLAMED SELF-WORTH ACHED.

At the age of 24, I got married to a wonderful guy who was incredibly supportive and accepted me as I am. After his graduation from Cambridge, we moved to London and I got a global role with huge responsibilities in a leading multinational company. I was incredibly proud of myself – along with being scared sh*tless because I’D NEVER CLIMBED THAT HIGH BEFORE!

Three months later, I found myself absolutely devastated by the words of my manager: “I’M SORRY, BUT YOU DON’T MEET THE REQUIREMENTS OF THIS POSITION. Your English is not good enough, you ask too many questions… I have to extend your probation period to understand if you are a good fit for this role.”

I felt so miserable and exhausted! Even though I HAD WORKED 13 TO 14-HOUR DAYS, IT WAS NOT ENOUGH!

It was incredibly painful, but I didn’t want to give up. I DECIDED THAT I’D PROVE HER WRONG AT ANY COST. I was like a zombie for the next few weeks due to the micromanagement from my boss, long hours at work, a lack of sleep and nasty feelings in my body.

And then… MY HEALTH CRASHED! The stress and physical exhaustion had triggered a severe allergic reaction. My body was a reflection of my inner pain and damage that I brought on myself.

Now I’m so grateful for this – IT WAS THE MOST INSIGHTFUL MOMENT IN MY LIFE because I realized: “I am absolutely miserable at my work! No money or fancy job title will ever make me happy!”

An I left that well-paid, global role with amazing perspectives and JUMPED INTO THE UNCERTAINTY WITHOUT ANY SANE PLAN IN MIND!

But for the first time in my life I started to think seriously about my identity, my interests, my values, my passion and what I really want to become. For the first time, I STOPPED SERVING MY FEARS and started to think about my true emotions, interests and authentic self.

Despite all the doubts and worries about my future, I gave myself permission to relax and to completely reboot myself when I was travelling in Italy for 1 month. WEEKS OF PIZZA, GELATO, PASTA, AMICI and – of course – SELF-DISCOVERY, REFLECTION AND THERAPY HAD BEEN INVALUABLE FOR ME!

I managed to reconnect with my true feelings, interests, passions and dreams. Once I faced my deep fears, emotions, suppressed pain and limiting beliefs, great things started to happen! It looked like THE UNIVERSE FINALLY PUT ALL THE PIECES TOGETHER FOR ME!

Fortunately, a few weeks after my recreational break, I came across life coaching. IT FELT SO RIGHT that me and my husband decided to go for it almost immediately. Soon after, I was enrolled on the Transformational Life Coaching course at the Animas Coaching Center in London.

After my very first session with a client, he said: “MARIA, YOU GAVE ME HOPE!” – Wow! I was completely blown away. I thought that if I could give hope to someone without even completing my education then I SHOULD NEVER EVER STOP DOING THIS!

I’m now a Career & Confidence coach and I AM ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH WHAT I DO. I help others to overcome their insecurities, limiting beliefs and to breakthrough to see how amazing they are!

ALMOST ALL MY LIFE I TRIED TO FIT IN AND TO BE “SIGNIFICANT”. But I’ve been always in a bad mental place and doubted my self-worth. After a breakdown, I was able to breakthrough. As the saying goes, “TO BE REBORN, YOU HAVE TO DIE FIRST!”

AFTER MANY LONG YEARS OF TRYING TO FIT IN, I WAS FINALLY ABLE TO STAND OUT! I did a U-turn in my life towards my authentic self and to happiness.