10 Positive affirmations to attract abundance to your life

Positive affirmations can have a huge impact on your life if practiced regularly! 🤩

These are 10 strongest affirmations to attract Confidence and Abundance to your life! 💪🏼🔥

Feel free to grab them and use for your daily routine 👇🏼

1️⃣ Whatever I do, I do it confidently as it comes from my values, authenticity & heart

2️⃣ Wherever I go, I attract friendly, wise & prosperous people who are willing to collaborate with me

3️⃣ Whenever I am, I always have enough support, resources & opportunities to be my best

4️⃣ I always succeed when I do things with joy & at my own pace

5️⃣ Regardless how hard it can be, I always can look inward & find the Solution

6️⃣ My life is full of amazing things & it keeps surprising me with new fantastic opportunities

7️⃣ I’m investing my energy only in things that I love & I’m always grateful for what I receive back

8️⃣ I know how worthy & valuable my time is, so I carefully choose with whom I spend it

9️⃣ I’m free from any expectations of myself, of the world & people around me

🔟 My confidence is strong and the power of my spirit is limitless, so I can confidently do what is right for me, follow my purpose and dreams

Do you believe in affirmations? Which impact does it have on your life?