Top 7 Tips of Irresistible Confidence & Powerful Relationships

How confident are you?

Would you say your general mood on a day-to-day basis is negative or positive?

If you are 90% to 100% confident and your emotions are 80% to 90% positive, then this book is probably not for you.

But if your happiness level is lower than 80 per cent and your daily emotions include stress, anxiety, frustration, overwhelm, fear and even depression, then I have something valuable for you.

I don’t claim that this book is going to fix all your problems, but I promise to evoke life-transforming questions within you that will be your building blocks on the way to irresistible confidence and powerful relationships.

This book has been specifically designed to help

Build irresistible confidence

Create long-lasting, meaningful and fulfilling relationships

Become powerfully confident around women

Move from where you are to where you want to be (career or relationship-wise)

Fix your confidence issues on a deep level

Get rid of “victim” mindset and get into your “creator” mindset

Regain your power and sense of control

Become the man that you always wanted to be

Be amazed at how great you are and what you can achieve

And much more!

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What People Said About This eBook

“After I’d finished reading this book I immediately sent a copy to my entire organisation, and my wife. It’s excellent!”

Matt Broadbent, Entrepreneur, UK

“Every single line of this book is a life changing guideline that will help anyone to develop their mind-set to create their own values & boundaries to make them confident, self-sufficient and for building a healthy relationship. After reading this eBook, anyone will feel empowered himself and will feel confidence to start life changing journey.”

Dr. Monowar Hossen, MBA, MHE, London

“Maria’s book provides detailed step by step advice to increase your confidence. She has made this an easy book for anyone to pick up and start changing their mindset. With an incredible depth of knowledge and passion in this area, I would highly recommend this ebook and her services.”

Ian Cue, Owner of UMC50, UK

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