How To Attract Only The Right People To Your Life

Have you ever acted against your own will to maintain relationships with people you considered valuable to you? Did it work?

The ability to create and protect our own boundaries is a vital part of building powerful relationships.

You might ask why some people succeed in keeping their boundaries, but others fail.

It is because people with low self-esteem tend to keep soft boundaries or not have them at all, because they value relationships with others more than their self-worth.

They allow others to take advantage of their personal boundaries too easily because they are afraid of being rejected or abandoned.

But if you want to become irresistibly confident and build powerful, fulfilling relationships then you have to create boundaries that will serve you to bring only the right people into your life!

For instance, you must state to yourself: “I don’t want anyone to shout at me, so if somebody does start shouting, I will leave the conversation.”

Or: “I will not tolerate someone betraying me. I will finish that relationship.”

It is a pure, adult behaviour to say clearly what is right or wrong for you, so we don’t have to feel guilty afterwards.

Think about it this way: If you don’t respect your boundaries, why would anyone else respect them?

Ask yourself:
‒ What is it that I cannot accept?
‒ How am I going to protect my boundaries?
‒ How am I going to communicate them?
‒ How committed am I?

Once you are clear about your personal boundaries and start behaving accordingly, it will make an amazing difference.

You will be able to build powerful relationships based on trust, support and equality.

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