How to Drastically Improve Your Confidence at Work

To build your Confidence at work let’s explore Top 3 situations that keep you “small”:

1️⃣ You are not speaking your mind ❌

All your brilliant ideas die in your head because you are either not sharing them or not promoting them enough. Basically you’re simply executing without contributing your own insights

✅ Solution: Be more opinionated and share your ideas even if you aren’t sure how they come across

2️⃣ You are saying “yes” to too many things ❌

There’s always too much “on your plate”. You are always super busy and working long hours including weekends. It’s hard for you to say “no” and reject other inquiries

✅ Solution: Stop trying to keep everyone happy. Follow your own priorities that are confirmed with your Manager

3️⃣ Your focus is only on your daily routine ❌

Your mind is occupied with daily tasks and you don’t spend much time thinking about the future. When changes happen it’s hard for you to adapt to the new way of working

✅ Solution: Keep yourself up to date with the strategical plans of your company and reflect on how your role can be helpful

All these situations are 100% manageable and by addressing them you’ll see the radical improvement of your Confidence!

What is your best advice to improve one’s Confidence at work?

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