Your Physiology Tells The Truth About Your Confidence

Your emotional state (or physiology) is a particular chemical reaction in your body that gives you certain emotions.

Your emotional state can make you feel incredibly powerful or weak, happy or miserable.

Why it is important for your confidence levels?

It’s because your emotional state impacts on your thoughts, actions and ultimately results.

Emotions are not just something that happens to us – we have the power to control them!

How do we achieve this?

Think about what makes you feel great and what makes you start creating something.

It is the right flow of energy that becomes a fuel for your creativity and confidence.

Do you know any entrepreneurs who work long hours but never seem to get tired and always have fantastic energy flow?

Why don’t they burn out? Because having the right energy is everything! Your own physiology is an unlimited source of energy.

Emotion can be created by emotion. A fake laugh can lead to a genuine laugh.

When you force yourself to smile, laugh, use open body language or even dance, your chemical balance starts changing and you feel great!

Just sitting in a chair, overthinking and over-analysing things won’t give you this wonderful emotional state.

Everything you focus on, you feed it with your energy.

Direct your energy to gratitude, love, connection, opportunities, empowering beliefs and change your emotional state!

Yes, you need to fake it until you make it. Confidence will come afterwards.

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